Paklenica National Park

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Paklenica consists of mountain peaks, forests, canyons, lakes and rivers. It's ideal for climbers, adventurers and romantic daydreamers.

The awe-inspiring torrent gorges of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica which run parallel to each other offer an insight into the unspoilt wilderness that exists not far from the beaches of the Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea, and rank among the most attractive natural areas in the whole of the Mediterranean: dense forests of black pine and beech, watering points for game and delicious springs issuing from beneath the highest peaks of Velebit.

Velika Paklenica is a veritable climbers’ Mecca, while cave lovers are drawn by the formidable Manita peć. A rocky trail leads to the entrance into the park, through the gorge to a mountain lodge (6 km). Several other organized shelters are to be found across the mountain. Mala Paklenica, with its dry bed and untamed wilderness of rugged karst and endemic plants and animals, should be negotiated only by experienced hikers.